Maria finds the chronological accounting of one’s life to be strange and disorienting.  Though it is user friendly by default, chronological accounting does not have a place in her vernacular.  Where others quote exact dates, Maria tends to say things like “that was a long time ago…” or “that was before I was married” or “that was after my job at the bookstore… or was it before?”.  She is consistently fascinated by people who remember exact dates of their personal history as though they could pin an event on a timeline.  She will never be able to do this.

Maria has suffered from writer’s block for the past 25 years.  Recently, she has felt the block loosening and finally, all at once, she has become so overstuffed with the events of her life that she has uncontrollable need to purge.  In a projectile fashion.

3 responses to About


    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the reply! I still have some work to do but I know this will be something I am going to do long term.

    — Benny


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