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Smokey Whispers

January 17, 2015 — 4 Comments

Smokey Whispers on a star-filled fall night,

reminding me of weekends on the shore and the smell of sun on our skin.

Smokey whispers with the deep red hues of italian wine

(you drank it from the glass and I tasted it on your lips).

Smokey whispers in my ear, as your hands found that spot that you loved to touch

Like the smoke once lifting from your lips, your smokey whispers

are frozen in the stillness of cold dark memories.

Smokey whispers from the past haunt me and sit alongside

the ghosts that came before you.

And now no cigarettes burn but the smoke fills my eyes

and their smoke can’t be washed from my fingertips.



January 17, 2015 — 2 Comments

hot tips led me to make bad investments in futures with italians artists academics and such
a spontaneous splurge with a seersucker suit one rainy summer night in soho bought me a third negroni and had me stripping down to my strapless wacol by midnight and doing the walk of shame past the guy in the hugo boss suit by sunrise

elegantly strewn across a dirty mattress alongside a homeless guy (both having had drunken evenings we were the same) as the sun rose over bleeker street

me in my crooked max&co shades and black h&m dress inside out minus the slim silver anne klein belt which was
accidentally left
behind in the seersucker’s hotel room carelessly tossed across… i should have gone back for the belt.
that belt went with everything

and now it goes with nothing